[Author Spotlight Series] – Power of Self-Acceptance and Assertion With Debjani Biswas

Debjani Biswas

Debjani BiswasDebjani Biswas is the Founder and CEO of Coachieve, a firm specializing in inclusive leadership solutions. She is an internationally best-selling author, change agent, and two-time TEDx speaker with a unique background as a female engineer, trusted advisor to CEOs, and former Fortune 50 executive. As a Diversity & Inclusion expert, Debjani regularly appears in media, such as ESPN, CBS, and iHeart Radio.

Debjani holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, an MBA in Marketing, and an MS in Organization Development — and is a certified executive coach. Being both the ACT Journalism Award winner and NAPW Woman of the Year, she is a highly sought-after keynote speaker known for her impactful presentations at corporate and conference events worldwide.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Debjani Biswas, an executive coach, author, and keynote speaker shares her journey
  • Debjani’s experience as a two-time TEDx speaker talking about diversity and inclusion
  • Debjani talks about her three books and why she wrote them
  • Advice for young women starting their career
  • What’s next for Debjani professionally?

In this episode…

At what point in your career as a woman are you struggling? With coaching, you not just survive but thrive in your career. So where can you get the right coach?

Thriving in the corporate world can be a challenge for women, but Debjani Biswas persevered until she emerged victorious in her career. Along the way, she gained powerful and authentic insights that she now shares with other women to help them succeed. As a trusted advisor and coach to CEOs and global leaders, a keynote speaker, and a bestselling author, Debjani shares her journey of helping women thrive professionally.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince welcomes Debjani Biswas, Founder and CEO of Coachieve, LLC, to discuss how she helps people succeed career-wise. Debjani shares her journey as an executive coach, author, and keynote speaker and her experience as a two-time TEDx speaker talking about diversity and inclusion. Additionally, she talks about her three books, the reasons behind writing them, and advice for young women who are starting their careers.

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