[Author Spotlight Series] – Systems for Launching, Managing and Scaling a Business With AC Lockyer

AC Lockyer
AC Lockyer

AC Lockyer is the Founder of SoftWash Systems, a soft washing supply company specializing in equipment, chemicals, education, and support for soft washing businesses. SoftWash Systems has grown to exceed 220 in-network companies, operating in nine countries and producing more than $100 million in soft washing revenue each year. 

In addition to his role at SoftWash Systems, AC also leads Droplet International, Disruptor Manufacturing, Bright & Blue Pool Services, Phantom Window Works, and Stingray Hose Reels. He is a contributing author to the book W.O.W. Factor and has recently published his latest work, The Five Keys To Pattern Success. AC is a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified, speaks at conferences around the world, mentors business owners, grows micro-economies, and encourages business development globally.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • AC Lockyer’s path to entrepreneurship
  • The genesis of SoftWash Systems and what it does 
  • AC outlines the origin of the systems in his book The Five Keys to Pattern Success
  • AC’s tips for running SoftWash Systems successfully
  • What kind of person would be a good fit for the soft washing business? 
  • How AC helps other businesses thrive

In this episode…

Many people start businesses to take control of their destiny, but not all have what it takes to win in the business world. So, how can you set yourself and your team up for success as a business owner? 

AC Lockyer started his business hoping to make the best life for himself and his family. Being diagnosed with OCD and ADHD, he faced many challenges in building his business and managing his team. It is through trying to compensate for those weaknesses that he created simple, functional, and applicable systems that they use with his team to succeed. 

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with AC Lockyer, Founder of SoftWash Systems, to discuss the secret systems he uses to launch, manage, and scale a business. AC explains the genesis of SoftWash Systems and what it does, how he came up with the systems in his book The Five Keys to Pattern Success, tips for successfully running a business, and how he helps other businesses thrive.

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