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Since 2010, Performance Publishing has provided top-quality, comprehensive book publishing services for soon-to-be authors. Led by best-selling author, Michelle Prince, the Performance Publishing team has helped thousands of people realize their dream of becoming an author through done-for-you publishing services, coaching & consulting, live events, books, courses, and online resources.


Whether you're looking to build credibility, increase sales, share your experience, or make a difference, having a book is the best way to make an impact. Performance Publishing is committed to helping you do it. Put our decades of experience to work for you!

What You Can Expect from Performance Publishing

We're Your Trusted Partner


We’re more than a publishing house. We’re your partner, and we’ve been in your shoes before. We've made it our mission to simplify the path to publishing and help authors like you get started!

We Won't Stop Until We Get it Right


We're in this together, and we want it done right so you can use your book to establish yourself as an authority, grow your business, and connect with those who could benefit from your story.


We're There For You


Our team is committed to helping you find a personalized approach to craft a book you’re proud of. Your project manager will guide you through the process and help you every step of the way!

We Want You to Win


 Other publishers take a huge percentage of your profits and will own the rights to your work, but we allow you to keep 100% of your rights and royalties. It's your story, and you should be the one to benefit from it!

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