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Performance Publishing Group provides top quality, comprehensive book publishing services for soon to be authors. Led by best-selling author, Michelle Prince, the Performance Publishing team has helped hundreds of people realize their dream of becoming an author. As a partner publisher, we can offer you more than just expert guidance, we want to make sure you get the book of your dreams and reap the rewards. Years ago we saw the opportunity for a better publishing process, so we created it. We know how tricky it can be to write, publish, and market a book and that’s why we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

We’ve jumped the hurdles so you don’t have to! Tap into our decades of experience and see how easy it can be to share your story. We’ve crafted a solid method that will help get your story out of your head, assist you in writing your book, and have the publishing and marketing resources to support and move you closer towards your goal.

We have various resources apart from our done-for-you publishing services, such as book consulting, digital courses and live events. If you think one of these options are more your speed let us know! We want to find a plan that works best for you.

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Our vision is to help authors get their stories out on paper and in the hands of people that need to read them. Whether it’s to increase your credibility, create more influence, or achieve a lifelong goal, we’re ready to bring your story to life. Schedule your strategy session today to explore what’s possible with your very own publishing partner!

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