Hear Our Authors' Stories, In Their Own Words!

Jackie Listen | Road Trip


“They walk with you step by step, any questions you might have, they are so kind and gracious to respond in a very timely manner. They’re the best...”

Dr. Jason West | Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease


“I just can’t say enough good things about getting a book done and Michelle’s the best way to get there.” 

AC Lockyer | The Five Keys to

Pattern Success


“I found Michelle through the Zig Ziglar organization and when I thought about publishing, she was the first person I thought about.”

Dianne Lee | Leveraging Stereotypes To Your Advantage


“I really appreciated Michelle’s team; they were all very professional. They genuinely cared about making me happy, about making me comfortable all throughout the process…”

Sarah Ivy & Dr. Juli Westcott | Braving Infertility Together


“I really enjoyed working with Michelle’s team. They are very responsive and they’re just as excited about your project…”

Debjani Biswas | Miserably Successful No More


“One of the things I really liked was that Michelle and her organization gave clear expectations about how the editing

process is..."

Dr. Nate Hearne | Road Trip


“Michelle and her staff is key to anyone who wants to get into the book writing business. She's the best place to start.” 

Tracy Frederick | Meet My Friend Jesus


“She cared about us and she cared about what we had to say.” 

Tanya Hendrix | Equal Protection Under God


“Michelle has a heart for helping people succeed and create the best that they can and put out a good book from cover to cover.” 


Dean Hallett | The Missing Piece


“She handheld me through every step of the way from getting the first draft in there to how we wanted to go about the editing process...”