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Performance Publishing is a partner publisher, which means we offer more than just expert guidance. We work to make sure you get the book of your dreams and reap the rewards. Our team will support and guide you through the entire process. Whether you need writing support, publishing services, marketing items, or all of the above, we're here to help. Let’s get your book out of your head and onto paper.

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The Author's Journey


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Here is where your journey begins! Once the publishing agreement is signed, we’ll schedule a kickoff call to discuss the process, timelines, and your vision and goals for the book. You’ll be introduced to your project manager, your direct point of contact providing ongoing accountability and support throughout the process.



Now is the time to get your book out of your head and onto paper! You have 12 months to write and submit your first draft manuscript to be edited. Your project manager will check in to see how you’re doing and keep you on track. If you invested in our Collaborative Writing Services, our team will write the book with you through a series of interviews.



Once you have finished writing (woohoo!), your editor will review the manuscript. You will make changes and then move into a second and final round of editing. The total time in editing can vary greatly, but most projects average between 4-12 weeks. Once all editing is complete and approved by you, we will move to the design stage.



Once we have decided on a vision and received any pictures or testimonials you would like to include on your cover, our designer will create three different cover design mockups. The more detail we get from you, the better! You will select the mockup you like best. Then we’ll continue with updates until you have the cover of your dreams. We don’t stop until you love it. The average time in cover design is 2-6 weeks.



Based on the genre and audience for your book, our experts will provide interior design samples to give your book the perfect on-page feel! Once you’ve selected your preferred layout, we’ll design the rest of the manuscript for your review and approval. Total time in interior design is typically 2-4 weeks.



After the design is finalized, we’ll upload the files for print, online distribution, and eBook conversion. We will then place your book into online distribution via online retailers, which means your book will be available for sale on Amazon and other sites within two weeks. After this, you are free to order your books. All final print and eBook files will be provided to you once Production is complete. 



Congratulations, you are a published author!! Our journey together doesn’t have to end after you publish your book. In fact, for many authors, this is where the journey begins. 



If you invested in an audiobook, we will handle the upload and distribution for that as well! If you would like marketing support, check out our Marketing Services page to see how we can help leverage your book to meet your goals. Wherever your book takes you, we want to support you along the way!

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