Services for every Story

We only partner with authors we know we can help, and we’ll do so within a reasonable time frame that you’re comfortable with. We’re here to be your guide, coach, mentor, or whatever you need! We support our authors through a variety of services. We know just how powerful publishing a book can be to grow your business, build authority, generate trust, and visibility for your brand. Let us take the lead!

Writing Your Story

Getting your story out on paper can be a challenging ordeal. Maybe you’ve had a book in your head for decades! We offer several paths to help bring those words to life including writing coaches that will create your book outline for you plus collaborative and ghost writers that write alongside you.

Your Partner in Publishing

Publishing your book doesn’t have to be an intimidating endeavor! With our publishing partnership, we’ll put all the moving parts in the right place to make sure the entire process is smooth and painless. You get all the benefits of working with a traditional publishing house but without having to give up your rights or royalties.

Marketing Your Book

Whether you’re looking to have your book increase your influence and credibility, become an added sales tool, satisfy a lifelong goal, or create a bigger impact in your community, our marketing services are setup to help you get the most out of your newly printed masterpiece.

Live Events & Resources

We are continually evolving and expanding our process to offer more resources and guidance to authors. Live and online workshops help authors get their creative juices flowing and find the right words to complete their visions. Check out “Book Bound” Workshops and discover how you can jump start your journey to authorship.

Explore Your Next Step

Schedule Your Strategy Session

Our vision is to help authors get their stories out on paper and in the hands of people that need to read them. Whether it’s to increase your credibility, create more influence, or achieve a lifelong goal, we’re ready to bring your story to life. Schedule your strategy session today to explore what’s possible with your very own publishing partner!

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