Writing services

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How We Help You Write Your Book


We’ve met thousands of authors over the years that had incredible ideas, but felt they couldn’t share their message because they lacked the writing knowledge or even the time to write it all down. We have a variety of writing packages that can be customized to meet your needs.

Get Started

Upfront Book Outline Creation & Consulting


We offer a half-day consulting session with Michelle Prince to map your story and create a solid book outline. During this in-person session, Michelle will ask questions to get your story “out of your head and onto paper.” The results of this 3-hour session will include a framework for the book’s chapters, sub-chapters, and stories, plus a roadmap for getting the book to publication.

Collaborative Writing Services


Our team can assist with creating your first-draft manuscript through a series of interviews with one of our writers. Each interview will be recorded, transcribed, edited, and crafted into a chapter for your review. The interviews will follow the book outline provided by you, including chapters and subchapters. Using this outline as our guide, we will send interview questions in advance to assist with organizing your thoughts. Once all sessions are complete, we provide a first-draft manuscript written in Word, ready to edit, design and publish.