[Author Spotlight Series] – Experience the Power of Choice With Gary Wilkin

Gary Wilkin
Gary Wilkin

Gary Wilkin is the Founder and Executive Transition Advisor at My Retirement Mission, a brand that helps professionals make retirement the best years of their lives. He is a licensed Ziglar coaching system professional. Gary uses the Ziglar Coaching System to guide people through their transformations and transitions one simple choice at a time. He does this through a proven process to help them reclaim their passion and reinvigorate their lives so that they look forward to each day with eagerness and hope. Gary is a keynote and motivational speaker and the author of Awakening Your Dreams. He’s on a mission to help corporate professionals build clear and compelling visions of their future so they can transform their lives into ones filled with relevance, meaningful contribution, and hope.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Gary Wilkin talks about his book and what inspired him to write it 
  • The motivation behind Gary wanting to help people going through a transition
  • Signs to look for to help you transform into a better version of yourself
  • The framework Gary takes people through to identify their power of choice 
  • Gary explains his first experience with Ziglar and why he decided to be a Ziglar certified coach
  • How Gary is exercising the power of authority in his life 

In this episode…

As an entrepreneur, are you concerned that your relevance is dipping as you spread yourself too thin working in your business? Where can you get the help you desire to transform and live a life with new excitement and purpose every day?

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses with eagerness hoping to be fulfilled and rewarded for their hard work. With time, tasks and projects begin to feel routine, the excitement goes down, and they question their relevance. Gary Wilkin was in a similar situation and chose to stop the trend. He found and began using a proven process that inspires hope, relevance, and the impact of his contribution. He now shares his strategies for helping entrepreneurs regain their excitement, hope, relevance, and a feeling of meaningful contribution through a series of choices.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Gary Wilkin, Founder and Executive Transition Advisor at My Retirement Mission, to discuss his journey of helping entrepreneurs regain hope. Gary talks about his book, his inspiration for wanting to help people going through a transition, signs to look for to help you become a better version of yourself, and the framework he takes people through to identify their power of choice.

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