How to Leverage Organic Content Marketing With Dr. Pelè

Dr. Pelè
Dr. Pelè

Dr. Pelè is the Founder and CEO of ClientJam, a software and community of practice providing content-driven, social media client acquisition strategies. Using his 25-plus years in the marketing arena, Dr. Pelè helps companies, coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants achieve a competitive business advantage at the intersection of intelligent automation and social selling.

Dr. Pelè is a musician, educator, technology architect, the author of Social Velocity, and host of the AutomateWorx podcast and The Profitable Happiness® Podcast. He also has an MBA in business administration and management and is a Doctor of Philosophy with a PhD in organization and management, specializing in leadership.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Pelè shares his unique background and the inspiration behind how he got into content marketing
  • The importance of being passionate about your business
  • Why happiness comes before success and the fastest way to achieve success
  • How Dr. Pelè incorporates his love of music into his business
  • The ideal people Dr. Pelè is driven to help
  • How Dr. Pelè used authoring his book as a way to exercise authority
  • Dr. Pelè’s advice for young entrepreneurs

In this episode…

Although content marketing is an excellent way to attract clients, it can be expensive. So, how can you attract clients and grow by repurposing content through organic content marketing?

Businesses have to attract and acquire more clients to be successful, and content marketing is an ideal tool to do just that. Dr. Pelè’s expertise is in content marketing, and he attributes much of his success to using this strategy. He explains how beliefs drive results and why focusing on mindset will get you the kind of success you seek. Now he shares his insights and his knowledge of organic content marketing to help fuel other people’s success.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Dr. Pelè, Founder and CEO of ClientJam, to discuss how businesses can attract and acquire clients through content marketing. Dr. Pelè shares the background of how he got into content marketing and the inspiration behind it, the importance of including your passion in your business, how he exercises authority in his business through content, and his advice for young entrepreneurs.

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