Improving Your Clarity and Confidence Through Coaching With Steve Smith

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Steve Smith is the Founder, President, and Business and Executive Coach at GrowthSource Coaching, a California-based company that provides high-quality personalized business development and coaching services to clients in various industries.

Since 2008, Steve has worked with over 600 business professionals. He’s worked with clients inside of companies, including General Mills, Lysol Chemical, Carter Products, and Hillenbrand Inc. His specialties in leadership effectiveness, management practices, and marketing strategy make Steve ideal for professionals who want to become world-class business leaders, business owners, or company executives.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Steve Smith talks about GrowthSource Coaching and who it helps
  • Steve explains the importance of being genuine and authentic and why it’s okay to treat success like it matters
  • The clients that are best suited to work with a business and executive coach
  • How Steve got into the coaching industry
  • What Steve is doing to build authority as a coach
  • How do company executives find Steve to coach them?
  • Steve’s advice to business leaders

In this episode…

Are you a business leader who has stagnated or declined in your career and wants to get back in the game? What if you had a business coach that could help you become an extraordinary leader, a savvy business owner, or a confident marketing strategist?

If you want to move past the challenges that keep you from performing at a high level, you may need an experienced professional business coach who understands your struggle. To be exceptional in your chosen field, you need someone who listens, challenges, and holds you accountable — someone to help you get clear and sort out what’s important and what you really want. If you find yourself not progressing in your career or your business like you want to, sometimes all you need is a catalyst that helps you upgrade your thinking and change your behaviors. Steve Smith specializes in coaching people just like you.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Steve Smith, the Founder, President, and Business and Executive Coach at GrowthSource Coaching, to discuss the benefits of having a professional business coach to guide you. Steve explains the importance of being authentic, why you should treat success like it matters, who his ideal clients are, and his advice to business leaders.

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