Rediscovering Your Authentic and Powerful Self With Tilde Guajardo

Tilde Guajardo
Tilde Guajardo

Tilde Guajardo is the Founder of Womanars, an organization created to inspire, educate, and connect women all over the world by focusing on their spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. She is a serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, global mentor, author, investor, and a proud Army veteran. As a Spiritual Alchemist, Tilde teaches others how to use challenges to create change and turn trauma into transformation. She is on a mission to help leaders and conscious organizations rethink well-being and show them how to use faith and love as the foundation for success. Tilde is also the creator of The Divine Quotient, a practical and repeatable methodology that inspires change, growth, and happiness, even amid chaos.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tilde Guajardo shares the backstory of how Womanars was formed
  • The four-step process Tilde takes people through to find their identity, power, and purpose
  • How Tilde is building authority as a woman
  • The 40-day transformation journey of how to thrive in any area of life
  • Tilde talks about her Three Keys to a Happier Life masterclass
  • Tilde’s advice to people on how to live their best lives

In this episode…

Being in a state of chaos or experiencing trauma causes many people to live in shame, anger, or fear, resulting in unhappy lives that are less productive. So, how can you re-awaken your true identity, power, and purpose?

Many people can’t unmask their true identity and unleash their full power and potential because of trauma. That was the case for Spiritual Alchemist Tilde Guajardo, who also had a traumatic childhood that made her forget who she was and her purpose in this world. With time, she overcame the trauma and went from a life of shame, anger, and fear to a life filled with joy, love, and freedom. Now she shares how she’s helping other people break through the limiting beliefs from their past, rethink their well-being, and use faith and love as the foundation for success.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Tilde Guajardo, the Founder of Womanars, to discuss how she overcame her traumatic experiences and helps people identify their authentic and powerful selves. Tilde explains the four-step process she takes people through to find their identity, power, and purpose, the 40-day transformation journey of how to thrive in any area of life, and her Three Keys to a Happier Life masterclass.

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