Becoming a Better Woman Leader in Technology With Shaunna Black

Shaunna Black is the Founder and President of Shaunna Black and Associates, a firm that enables leaders to realize personal and professional aspirations regardless of market sector or international location. She is a heart-centered leader who’s passionate about helping other leaders unleash the potential of their people to deliver extraordinary results and launching women in technology into powerful positions.


Shaunna spent 26 years in technology corporations leading global divisions spanning 25 countries and managing billion-dollar manufacturing plants. She also has board experience in public, private, and nonprofit boards, and her executive career has provided significant knowledge of strategy, global operations, technology, risk management, and sustainability.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • Shaunna Black shares her professional background 
  • How to have a work-life balance 
  • Shaunna talks about her leadership model 
  • The upcoming book and what it’s all about
  • How Shaunna is helping women leaders in technology
  • Shaunna’s career advice for women

In this episode...


Is being a woman leader in technology a calling for you? How can you continuously improve your leadership craft?


After working in technology corporations for 26 years, Shaunna Black discovered that it’s an environment that does not favor women. She faced many hurdles but successfully navigated the industry to become a successful woman leader. This experience equipped her with leadership, strategy, culture design, and systems understanding. Shaunna leverages her experiences to mentor and empower other female technology leaders to lead with their style, deliver extraordinary results, and create a fulfilling, meaningful, and fun life for themselves.


In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Shaunna Black, Founder and President of Shaunna Black and Associates, to discuss how to become a successful woman leader in technology. Shaunna shares her professional background and how she manages to have a work-life balance, her leadership model, how she helps women leaders in technology, and career advice for women.


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Michelle Prince

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