Experience the Gooder Life With Kendall Layman

Kendall Layman is a purpose-driven Executive Leader, Speaker, Author, and Owner of The Gooder Life Group. Kendall is passionate about clearing roadblocks that keep organizations and individuals from the success they deserve. Kendall’s service in the United States Air Force and years of experience as a professional working in small businesses to Fortune 500 companies is combined with his love for storytelling in his book, The Gooder Life, where he reveals how particular attitudes and principles will set you apart from the crowd.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • Kendall Layman explains the origin of the “gooder life” concept 
  • How Kendall helps people find purpose and live the life that they deserve
  • Kendall talks about his book The Gooder Life In Layman’s Terms
  • Kendall explains why you should finish what you started
  • How Kendall spreads the message about how people can live a good life
  • Kendall shares life-changing events he experienced and lessons he learned 

In this episode...


Are you trying to be better today than you were yesterday? How do you determine whether your tomorrow will be better so you can live your best life?


The author of The Gooder Life in Layman’s Terms, Kendall Layman, came up with the “gooder life” concept from a seed his uncle planted in his mind years ago. His love of helping others prompted him to start The Gooder Life Group to enable people to reestablish their sense of freedom. He shares the essential attitudes and principles that allow you to be you, a better you, and the best you that you can ever be. He imparts the lessons he has learned that will help you discover how to be better tomorrow than you were today — a better employee and a better leader. Ready to experience the “gooder life”?


In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Kendall Layman, a purpose-driven Executive Leader, Speaker, Author, and Owner of The Gooder Life Group, to discuss ways people can live their best lives. Kendall talks about how he helps people find purpose and live the life they deserve, his book and the way he spreads the message to people about how they can live their best lives, the life-changing events he’s experienced, and the lessons he has learned over the years.


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Michelle Prince

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