Uncovering Purpose Through Life’s Ups and Downs With Tim Winders

Tim Winders

Tim Winders is an executive coach, author, and host of the ‘Seek Go Create’ podcast. With nearly four decades of experience in leadership, business, and ministry, his life took a dramatic turn after the 2008 financial crash. He went from owning million-dollar businesses and properties to bankruptcy and living out of a Honda van. Today, Tim embraces a lifestyle as an intentional nomad, living and working with his wife from their motorhome. Through his personal and professional journey, he explores themes of redefining success and living your best life, central to his podcast and recent inspirational novel, Coach: A Story of Success Redefined.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 


  • [2:54] Tim Winders shares his experience living an RV life
  • [5:25] Why Tim pivoted from traditional success to a nomadic lifestyle
  • [9:38] The value of defining success on your terms
  • [12:56] Insight into how riding the waves of life's lows can lead to personal growth
  • [17:48] Tim reflects on the importance of seclusion in finding your purpose as a leader
  • [22:24] Why cultivating inner peace is key to leadership effectiveness
  • [27:16] Tim emphasizes the significance of authentic authority in today's noisy world

In this episode…


Many individuals face the daunting challenge of redefining what success means after experiencing significant life changes or failures. The traditional markers of success—wealth, property, and stable careers—can suddenly vanish, leaving people without direction. What deeper, more satisfying version of success could exist beyond the conventional measures?


Tim Winders, a faith-driven executive coach with over 40 years of experience in leadership, delves into how he transformed his life after a crushing financial downturn. He shares his inspiring journey from living in luxury to redefining success while residing in an RV. Facing major adversities, including bankruptcy and homelessness, he emerged with a renewed perspective on life and purpose. Through his experiences, Tim advocates for quiet reflection and offers insights on establishing genuine authority and influence.


In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince interviews Tim Winders, an executive coach, about embracing a broader view of success. Tim explores the power of authentic living, his experience living an RV life, the value of defining success on your terms, how riding the waves of life's lows can lead to personal growth, and why cultivating inner peace is essential for leadership effectiveness.


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Quotable Moments:


  • "We would not wish our journey on anyone, but we are so thankful we went through it."
  • "It's odd when you don't experience winter; your body doesn't quite know what to do."
  • "My desire, my hope is passion right now, to be that way, whether speaking to one person or 10 or 100,000."
  • "The byproduct of comparison is when we try to become something we're not."

Action Steps: 


  1. Schedule daily quiet time for reflection: It's essential for finding your purpose and can provide clarity in a noisy world.
  2. Cut down on information consumption: Reducing exposure to constant news and social media can help minimize distractions and create mental space, which is beneficial.
  3. Embrace life changes to rediscover personal definitions of success: Being open to new ways of living can help redefine what fulfillment looks like for you.
  4. Avoid the comparison trap: Tim stresses the importance of focusing on your journey rather than comparing yourself to others, which can lead to authenticity and true authority.
  5. Establish your authentic voice and stick to it: Speaking and acting from genuine belief and experience can help build true authority.

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