How to Leverage the Power of Choice With John Sapiente

John Sapiente
John Sapiente

John Sapiente is the CEO of Volition America, a collaboration of premium brands with the desire to build unity in America, empower positive choice, and encourage a unifying expression of love for America that transcends culture, gender, race, age, and political beliefs. He has procured partnerships with several top-tier brands while spreading his impartial explanation of patriotism and donating portions of Volition America profits to aid service people and their families through the Folds of Honor Foundation. 

John has worked his way through the entrepreneurial depths of brand building, partnership acquisition, and everything in between. He has a strong business background, owns two manufacturing businesses, and is the President of Trident Manufacturing, Inc, the CEO of Elgin Die Mold Co., and the Director at Union National Bank and Trust Company.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • John Sapiente talks about Volition America and what it offers 
  • What does volition mean? 
  • John’s additional roles 
  • What is Folds of Honor? 
  • John explains Volition America’s vision
  • The licensing model they used
  • Volition America’s marketing strategy 
  • John’s advice for people who want to make an impact or create a movement

In this episode…

Do you have the freedom of choice? Where can you get the empowerment you desire to help you make positive choices? 

John Sapiente is a patriot who believes that we’re responsible for everything that happens to us — good or bad — through our own choices. Wanting to make an impact, he created the Volition America brand, a growing, ongoing movement of genuine American Patriotism with the defined purpose of supporting those who protect our freedom of choice. He shares his journey through leading a movement that unites people profoundly, passionately, and authentically using strategic brand collaborations that empower Americans to understand the value of choice.

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with John Sapiente, CEO of Volition America, to discuss his journey leading a movement that unites America through the power of choice. John talks about Volition America and its vision, the licensing model and marketing strategy they use, and his advice for people who want to make an impact or create a movement.

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