Scaling a Business Using Podcast Interview Marketing With Tom Schwab

Tom Schwab
Tom Schwab

Tom Schwab is the Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer of Interview Valet, the most trusted partner in the industry and the leader in podcast interview marketing. He’s passionate about building and operating the targeted interview system to provide people with a steady deluge of traffic, leads, and sales. Tom’s first job out of college was running nuclear power plants in the Navy. He is also the author of PODCAST GUEST PROFITS and the upcoming book One Conversation Away.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tom Schwab talks about his entrepreneurial journey and how he got into podcasting
  • Interview Valet and the services it offers to clients
  • How being a podcast host or guest can have a significant impact on a business 
  • How podcast guesting and podcast interview marketing helped one of Interview Valet’s client
  • Tom talks about their Interview Valet Español launch 
  • Tom’s advice for new authors on how to promote their books through podcast interviews

In this episode…

Marketing is all about having exposure or starting a conversation with someone who could be your ideal customer, and podcasting is the best way to do it. So, how can you leverage the power of podcasting to grow your business as a podcast host or guest? 

Podcasting has become the new norm. People listen to all kinds of podcasts every day. As an entrepreneur, you can scale your brand with targeted podcast interviews. Tom Schwab shares how his team helps brands access their message and target market, find podcasts that best fit their plans, and help them put the power of podcast interviews to work. 

In this episode of The Power of Authority Spotlight, Michelle Prince sits down with Tom Schwab, Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer of Interview Valet, to discuss the power of podcast interviews. Tom shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he got into podcasting, the services Interview Valet offers to its clients, and the importance of podcast guesting and podcast interview marketing.

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