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[Author Spotlight Series] – Dream Big With Mary Henderson
Mary Henderson is the Founder of ‘Dream Big, Girl!’ a blog to help women find wholeness physically, spiritually, and emotionally. With ...
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The Importance of Brand Marketing With Di-Di Hoffman
Di-Di Hoffman is the Founder of BadassPreneurs Academy, the one-and-only rainmaker academy for wellness professionals who want to become recognized...
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How To Build Successful Brands Through Neuroscience With Paul Zak
Paul Zak is the Founder and Chief Immersion Officer of Immersion Neuroscience, a software platform allowing people to measure what the brain loves ...
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Becoming a Better Woman Leader in Technology With Shaunna Black
Shaunna Black is the Founder and President of Shaunna Black and Associates, a firm that enables leaders to realize personal and professional aspira...
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Scaling a Business Using Podcast Interview Marketing With Tom Schwab
Tom Schwab is the Founder and Chief Evangelist Officer of Interview Valet, the most trusted partner in the industry and the leader in podcast inter...
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Creating a Three-Day Weekend as an Entrepreneur With Wade Galt
Wade Galt is the coach and host of The 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Podcast, a platform designed to empower entrepreneurs and professionals to c...
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How To Thrive in the Podcasting Industry With Alex Sanfilippo
Alex Sanfilippo is the Founder of PodPros, a software company that serves the podcasting industry through software solutions created for independen...
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Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking With Dr. Doreen Downing
Dr. Doreen Downing is the Founder of Essential Speaking, an organization dedicated to helping people speak more naturally and powerfully. She is a ...
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