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[Author Spotlight Series] – From Immigrant to Construction Industry Success With Dianne Lee
Dianne Lee is a tireless advocate and industry professional with over 18 years of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction mar...
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The Importance of Hiring Client Account Management Services With Taylor McMaster
Taylor McMaster is the Founder and Client Account Manager at DOT & Company, a client management firm for digital marketing agencies. With her t...
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[Author Spotlight Series] – Gender Equality in the Church With Tanya Hendrix
Tanya Hendrix is an Associate Attorney at Hinson & Hinson, P.C., a law firm that provides comprehensive legal representation throughout norther...
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The Three Steps to Own Your Focus With Penny Zenker
Penny Zenker is an international motivational speaker, business strategy coach, best-selling author, and “The Focusologist.” Her speech...
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How To Stay Disciplined and Motivated With Lt. Col. Dan Rooney
Lt. Col. Dan Rooney is the Founder and CEO of Folds of Honor, a leading non-profit organization that provides educational scholarships for children...
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[Author Spotlight Series] – Systems for Launching, Managing and Scaling a Business With AC Lockyer
AC Lockyer is the Founder of SoftWash Systems, a soft washing supply company specializing in equipment, chemicals, education, and support for soft ...
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[Faith-Based Series] – How To Create a Family Culture of Your Desire With Chris and Bev Parrish
Chris and Bev Parrish have been happily married for 40 years (and still best of friends) and are parents of seven now-grown children. The couple is...
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[Author Spotlight Series] – Courageously Living a Big, Bold, Brave Life With Clint Hatton
Clint Hatton is the Founder of BigBoldBrave, a personal development platform to empower people to continue growing personally, relationally, and pr...
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